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 How to RP on the Site

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Emanye Edwardo
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Emanye Edwardo

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PostSubject: How to RP on the Site   Thu Jan 08, 2009 2:30 pm

1. Using the Dices Roll Feature on the Site See who will go first. The player with the highest number will go first.

2. The topic will be stated as [Duelist 1] vs [Duelist 2]-Match in Progress. Afterwords you will have a admin or mod will moderate the match to determine a winner. Each match both Duelist Start with 8000 life points.

3. You will begin the match with 30 cards a piece. These cards are selected randomly using an off site software. YOU CANNOT CHANGE THESE CARDS IN MID DUEL. After the cards have been selected you will begin the Duel. In ever post you must post the cards on the field IN EVERY POST. In each post if you do an attack you must state which card you are attacking. Life points and attacks are dealt with the same way as the show. Only an admin or a mod determines the damage totals. They will be updated each turn

4. After the match is over. Your rank will be updated.

Here's the Site you will use to select your cards.

Directions once there:
1. Generate "30" random integers (maximum 10,000).

2.Each integer should have a value between 1 and 50

3. Format in 5 column(s).

4. Click Get numbers

5. Use those numbers to get the cards you will use.
The Numbers in the first column are the first cards in your hand. Afterwords Each card in each column afterwords are the cards you draw. PLEASE POST YOUR HAND EVERY TURN. It allows us mods to moderate correctly. You may only play one card per turn as in either attack or defense. YOU MAY ONLY HAVE 5 CARDS ON THE FIELD AT A TIME. That includes monsters and spell and trap cards. PLEASE TYPE OUT THE MOVES YOU ARE USING. WE ARE NOT PSYCHIC WE CANNOT READ YOUR MIND.
Sample Move

in hand: Queen of Bows, Dark Angel of the Elements, Earthen Paradise, Alamay Hart, Narcissa the Dark Archer

Move: I summon Alamay Hart in Face Down Defense Position

On field: Alamay Hart (Face Down, DEF)
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How to RP on the Site
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